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Finding Wildlife In Your Roof While Demolishing Your House

Finding Wildlife In Your Roof While Demolishing Your House

What happens when we find Wildlife?

Recently in Sydney suburbs such as Ryde, Gladesville, Denistone, Eastwood and surrounding areas, a rising number of some wildlife have been found lurking in places that often get overlooked.

These animals ranging from possums, snakes or even bats. However we always strive to make sure that the animals gets a chance to leave before demolition begins. In the event an animal doesn’t leave, we always contact the appropriate wildlife services so animals can be safely removed.

During the demolition process a house is taken apart in stages. First stripped of cladding and roof tiles before any heavy machinery is brought in. This helps to give any animals calling the house home time to flee to nearby shelter before the demolition begins in earnest.

Possums in your roof?

Possums are territorial creatures. So when thinking about demolishing your house it is a good idea to wait until the demolition is close to getting under way before removing your resident possum. Not only because the possum will try to return, but also because, even if he doesn’t, a new possum is likely to quickly move into the area. It’s important to remember that relocating possums too far from their territory they will have slim chance of survival. They need to be rehoused nearby, preferably in a tree or garden away from roofs.

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