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Why it is Important to Dispose of Chemicals?

Why it is Important to Dispose of Chemicals?

It is vital that the disposal of chemicals and waste is appropriately handled by professionals as it can have a serious impact on the environment & all living organisms including humans.


Hazardous waste have properties that make them dangerous or potentially harmful to human health, living organisms & environment and they cannot be placed in your garbage bin.

While in their simplest forms they are liquids, solids, gases, or a sludge, we also think of hazardous waste in terms of its originating waste stream: liquid waste, clinical/medical waste and e-waste.

Chemicals may include:

  • Paint & paint related products
  • Pesticides & herbicides
  • Solvents & household cleaners
  • Motor oils, fuels and fluids
  • Batteries
  • Gas bottles & fire extinguishers
  • Pool chemical
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Hobby chemical
  • Fluorescent tubes

To handle hazardous waste at home safely you should:

  • Keep the goods in their original containers if possible. If containers are leaking, use new containers but never use food containers like soft drink bottles.
  • Don’t mix chemicals when decanting a substance into a new storage container.
  • Make sure all labels, including warning labels and manufacturer’s instructions, remain intact on the packaging.
  • Store goods upright with lids secured tightly and out of the reach of young children.
  • Keep all ignition sources, such as matches, well away from the storage area.
  • Ensure the storage area cool and dry.
  • Buy the smallest amount for your needs.

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