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Misconceptions About Demolition

Misconceptions About Demolition

At Mr Cheap we receive many questions and misconceptions about the processes involved in Demolition. We’ve debunked and cleared up a few of the misconceptions issues below…


1. Demolition is all About Blowing up Buildings 

The truth behind this misconception is that only 1% of buildings will actually need to be demolished using this method of implosion. All demolitions are performed with special techniques and equipment, and not explosives.

2. Anyone Can Tear Down a Building

Furthermore, demolition crews need to know very specific skills and techniques along with being able to operate sophisticated equipment to perform their jobs. You need to be trained and have a good knowledge on demolition in order to take out these services.

3. Preforming Demolition is Dangerous 

With the right techniques, equipment, knowledge and skills are present on the job site, demolition is extremely safe to perform.

4.  Demolition Destroys Historic Buildings 

Finally, demolition contractors actually are responsible for many preservation projects of historic buildings. For heritage listed sites, approval needs to be granted first by the council before commencing work.

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