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Demolition: Five Things You Should Know Before Start

Demolition: Five Things You Should Know Before Start

 There is a lot more involved in demolition than you may think, so we’ve compiled a list of five important aspects you should know before you start..

1. There is a possibility your house may contain asbestos.                                                                 You may not know it but asbestos could be hiding anywhere in your house. Asbestos will have to be dealt with before demolition commences, as it can cause a hazard to those working on site.

2. Residential demolition is carried out by excavators.
A common misconception held by a lot of people is that all demolition is carried out by

3. Asbestos isn’t the only dangerous substance that could be lurking in your
That’s right, other dangerous materials like lead paint or lead dust could also be present in
your home. In some cases these toxins will need to be removed before demolition can begin.

4. Development Approval
Furthermore, permission from your local council before you can go ahead with any demolition works. This
can either be obtained directly through your local council or through a third party certifier.
This can also be arranged by your demolition company.

5. Salvaging building materials can help to subsidise the cost of your demolition.
Although there is unfortunately always some waste associated with demolition, a large
amount of building materials can be salvaged from a demolished structure.

To find out more about asbestos, read our article here..

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