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Asbestos removal is a serious task!

Asbestos removal is a serious task!

Asbestos Removal

You might be wondering what exactly is involved in asbestos removal. It’s a very serious task and we’ve simplified it for you here…


Workers are required to follow very strict rules for inspection during asbestos removal. The process of moving asbestos is heavily regulated and therefore workers need to wear specific protective gear and even respirators. That is why asbestos removal should not be something the homeowner takes into their own hands, calling us first would be the best first step!


The room being targeted is completely sealed off with industrial-grade plastic to keep people out and fibers from escaping. Large fans with filters are set up to the exhaust air from the room to create negative pressure so no fiber cross contaminates other rooms in the home. The experts then tear out anything that contains asbestos, bag the materials, seal the bags and load it into a truck or bin. The room is vacuumed, cleaned, and wiped. The contaminated materials are hauled away to a landfill that accepts asbestos.

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